Is Pornography Addiction New?

is porn addiction new

Is Pornography Addiction New?


is porn addiction new

Most of the headlines I read whether in published article or blog post seem to claim that pornography is a new addiction.  This new discovery has come to light and many addiction treatment centers and programs are established daily.

I applaud the press that it is finally getting.  Addicts can finally know they are not alone in this fight.  Parents are more aware of the dangers of Pornography and an unfiltered internet connection.  The faith community is finally acknowledging that their own members are involved.  Resources that help diagnose and treat are easier to find.

Pornography addiction is not new, it is just becoming more widespread.  The ease of accessibility had caused it to grow exponentially.  Early in my own addiction, the internet didn’t exist.  I fed my own addiction with printed material and VHS cassettes.  My addiction really increased it’s hold on me when the internet came into existence.

So while the internet has increased the numbers of addicts, It has also brought tons more information and resources for healing as well.  Talk about a double edged sword!

Is the internet all to blame?  No.  This addiction has been around way before the internet.  The internet has just increased the speed at which information is published.  It even changes the culture at a faster rate as well.   It’s like a quote I’ve heard – “A lie is halfway around the world before truth even gets his boots on.”

Truth is finally catching up!




  1. I found emails from girls talking about a profile my husband said he was watching porn and it was porn spam..That he did not fill out anything that happens when you watch porn. I know of spam but what about the profile stuff? Im upset because that is cheating..

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