Growing up with Porn

June 12, 2012 - Addicted to pornography, Porn addiction, Signs of pornography addiction
Growing up with Porn

Growing up with Porn

Teenagers today grow up with pornography as normal part of life


Recently it seems that there are many articles out there about teenagers addicted to pornography.  It always gets me thinking about what these kids believe to be truth and what is normal in regards to porn and sex.

Kids growing up now know the following to be true and normal:

It is sad really.  Many kids today have parents that buy into the progressive thinking of today and don’t monitor what their kids do on the internet.  Pornography is freedom of speech to them and even healthy for them to use.  We can’t censor what our kids consume they say, kids have their rights you know.

How very destructive this is for them!  These kids will grow up to be adults who can’t relate intimately with one another.  They will be selfish seeking their own gratification  and needs instead of trying to serve their mate.  Their libidos will be burned out from countless images and climaxes burned into their memories.  Sexual intimacy will not be enjoyed like it was meant to be.

With this new normalcy, will they even realize the damage it has done?  Will the drug industry come out with new drugs to bring back burned out libidos and sexual dysfunction?  How much worse could they slide morally?

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Hi, I have a bf we aren’t married but I had sex with my bf and we live 2 hours away we see each other every 2 weeks.i wonder if he has been watching porn how do I know if he watches porn without going through his phone what should signs should I be watching out for ?


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