Growing up with Porn

is porn the new normal

Growing up with Porn

Teenagers today grow up with pornography as normal part of life


Recently it seems that there are many articles out there about teenagers addicted to pornography.  It always gets me thinking about what these kids believe to be truth and what is normal in regards to porn and sex.

Kids growing up now know the following to be true and normal:

  • Pornography is everywhere
  • Pornography is a normal way to learn about sex
  • Pornography is acceptable to use when anytime you get sexual urges
  • Women know that everyone uses porn and they are OK with it
  • Women can satisfy their man by acting like a porn star
  • Frequent pornography use is normal and there are no side effect

It is sad really.  Many kids today have parents that buy into the progressive thinking of today and don’t monitor what their kids do on the internet.  Pornography is freedom of speech to them and even healthy for them to use.  We can’t censor what our kids consume they say, kids have their rights you know.

How very destructive this is for them!  These kids will grow up to be adults who can’t relate intimately with one another.  They will be selfish seeking their own gratification  and needs instead of trying to serve their mate.  Their libidos will be burned out from countless images and climaxes burned into their memories.  Sexual intimacy will not be enjoyed like it was meant to be.

With this new normalcy, will they even realize the damage it has done?  Will the drug industry come out with new drugs to bring back burned out libidos and sexual dysfunction?  How much worse could they slide morally?

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  1. My name is Kim. I am 49 years old and married to a wonderful man…BUT he looks at pornography and StARES at other women, especially if they have large breasts or are dressed scantily. I no longer leave the house with him. It’s too painful for me. I check his internet history on his phone regularly. I am pretty sure he surfs in the privacy mode. He gets e-mails from porn sites, which he opens. He claims he opened them only in an effort to unsubscribe. I don’t believe that.
    When we are in public, and he is staring at a woman, it makes me feel invisible. Also, I am humiliated when the woman looks at ME! I do’t know if I should apologize to her or tell her to wear some clothes. Women dress in ways I CANNOT believe, but of course my husband loves it.
    He takes his phone to the bathroom and spends about half an hour in there. He says he is playing his computer games. I always think he is trying to get aroused to have sex with me. Then I don’t want to have sex because I feel used and compared and hurt and angry. It’s such a turn off. He claims that he is “working on” not lusting after others- but doesn’t even really identifying it as lusting. He calls it “admiring” them. That’s a shame, because I admire faithful men.
    I am really glad to hear about covenant eyes software. I am DEFINITELY going to install it on his phone! If he is still using porn I am going to move to another bedroom and maybe try to get a third shift job. I have serious depression and anxiety issues, so working is hard for me, but I cannot go on feeling that I am being rubbed up against while he things about all the images he has been eye guzzling. He is a wonderful provider, kind to me, supportive, so many good things…but porn and lust is a cancer in our marriage. I have tried everything I can to handle the pain and anxiety of this- counseling, even looking at porn myself to see what it is he wants. As far as I can tell EEE breasts and young, firm bodies are what he wants. I am almost 50, I have had three children. I Do NOT look like the women in these videos!! I never will.
    I know the “right answers”- it’s not my fault, all guys do it, it doesn’t mean he is cheating (but I DO consider it cheating!, he would do this with any wife, it’s not personal…I have heard all of the platitudes. They do not help. I am tired of competing for my husband’s attention and sexual interest. Ladies, please get dressed before you leave the house and make your daughters do the same. When you dress scantily, you do harm to marriages. Do you care? You should.

  2. Hi, I have a bf we aren’t married but I had sex with my bf and we live 2 hours away we see each other every 2 weeks.i wonder if he has been watching porn how do I know if he watches porn without going through his phone what should signs should I be watching out for ?

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