Masturbation Addiction – Stop Today

Masturbation Addiction - How to stop

Masturbation Addiction – Stop Today

Helpful tips for you to kick your masturbation addiction


Growing up as a young boy, I realized one day that it was pleasurable to play with myself.  Every young boy does it, but what happens when you get into a vicious cycle and find that you can’t stop?

The main reason you get addicted to masturbating is because of the pleasure it brings.  Who doesn’t like to feel good and get the release of energy and endorphines involved when you bring yourself to climax?  That very pleasure you receive is like a drug and you get hooked on it!  There are scientific studies that have compared illegal drugs to pornography and masturbation and found that they are nearly identical in the effects on your body.

No wonder it is so tough to kick a masturbation addiction!  If you are getting your high from masturbation how do you stop?  Masturbation Addiction - How to stop

First – outside of the pleasure it provides, why do you masturbate?

  • Are you bored?
  • Depressed?
  • Mostly Alone?
  • Anxious?
  • Relieving stress and tension?
  • Escaping from reality?

Identify your underlying reasons for masturbating and then get help and counteract them.  For instance, say you are bored; why not get out of the house and go somewhere?  If your depressed, seek medical attention from your doctor to see if you are a candidate for anti-depressants.

Second – After counteracting your reasons, remember where and when you masturbate

  • Do you go into bathroom & watch porn on your phone?
  • Is it when you are alone or spouse is out of the house?
  • Do you get up in the middle of the night or stay up late when others go to bed?
  • Is your office or computer in a private place which allows you privacy?

Figure out what situations and circumstances you exploit to get away and masturbate.  Once you know the different scenarios that trigger an episode, do something different.  Don’t go to be after your spouse.  Don’t take your phone into the restroom.

Third – Change your habits and enjoy some new hobbies and friends

  • Stop watching porn! – move your computer into a highly trafficked area
  • Keep yourself busy with family and friends; relationships will help you feel less depressed and lonely
  • Exercise and eat better; improving your well being will help you to feel better about yourself and release endorphins naturally
  • Take an evening class or study; book clubs, career centers, Bible studies
  • Go for a walk with your spouse or dog

Forth – Seek help from a spouse, friend, or counselor

  • Sometimes you just can’t do it alone; reach out for help
  • If your spouse is understanding, approach them
  • A nonjudgmental friend is a great person to keep your accountable
  • Find a counselor or therapist who specializes in compulsive addictive behaviors

Lastly, try not to get into self loathing as much as possible.  This is a touchy subject and lots of embarrassment goes along with it.  There are many who will tell you it’s normal and everybody does it, but for you something tells you it isn’t right.  Don’t listen to others who say that, but understand that what is OK for them is unhealthy for you.

In the journey to become free from masturbation addiction, you will fail.  Don’t give up!  Keep going and work towards sobriety for a healthier you!  Watch your relationships improve and your overall outlook on life get better.  You deserve more out of life and you can do it!


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  2. I have tried all this steps but after some i become worst with much more addiction

    • Have you gotten your addiction under control? My husband is dealing with the same thing and wondering if it’s even possible for him to quit.


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