Saavi Accountability Software Review

Update:  Saavi Accountability was recently acquired by Covenant Eyes, Inc.  please refer to my review of Covenant eyes


Occasionally I will be asked to review a new tool for accountability, but mostly I find them on my own.  In this case, I was approached by the CEO of Saavi to take a look at their accountability software.  I was kind of hesitant to present another product to my readers, but now I feel it can’t hurt to let you know of another tool.

Accountability software is meant to record and report your online activity to an accountability partner.  Knowing that someone has access to your website visits, it helps you to stay away from whatever it is that you struggle with.  Saavi Accountability software can be set up to notify your accountability partner when you hit on a site that deals in Gambling, Games, Hate, Sexually Explicit, or Violence.  These are the general categories that will generate an email or text message to your partner.

Saavi software can also alert your accountability partner to certain applications such as file sharing, games or VOIP.  You can also set the software to catch keyword phrases if you have problems with vices such as drinking or drugs.

I installed the software on a laptop computer then configured the standards online.  I also input my cell number and email account for notification, but these will be assigned to your accountability partner.  Now it was time to test the software.

My first test was to go to Google to do a few searches.  My first search was for ‘porn’.  Within a minute I received a text message stating that the named computer had looked at which contained the flagged keyword ‘porn’.  Wow, that was quick!  I also received an email right behind the text message.  To prevent any temptations, I limited the rest of my test to normal usage.

I checked my email, logged into this site, and did some internet searches.  I received 3 more text messages.  The software flagged pornography and porn.  I guess my own website can trigger an alert, but the good thing is you can see the context of which the word was found.  In my alerts, I saw that my email triggered the word and also this website.  Nothing to be concerned about here.

So I went back to Saavi’s online dashboard and looked at the reports.  The reports are top notch!  You see the email alerts and text alerts that were sent.  You can also see what videos were watched and what searches were performed and where.  If your computer has multiple users set up you can see which user watched the videos, did the searching or visited questionable sites.

One thing I must mention is that you need to configure the standards along with your accountability partner.  I found that the MSN homepage has the word ‘porn’ embedded in it somewhere and I would get an alert every time someone in my house hit the MSN homepage.  There is a simple fix to work out these types of bugs on the control panel by either rating the site safe or adding the site to your do not scan list.

In conclusion, I think Saavi Accountability software is very good if you want to be accountable for your internet activity in regards to pornography addiction.  The best part of the software is the instant alerts to your accountability partner to get instant help in time of temptation.  The reporting is simple and provides enough information to create discussions however often you and your partner get together.  The only sticky part of Saavi is working out the bugs like I had to with the MSN homepage, but that is minor all things considered.

I can whole heartily recommend Saavi Accountability Software because it simply works well.  You can purchase Saavi and download it instantly by going to  Please mention Battleplan in the promotion code box to help support my website.  Thank you.

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The HALT Acronym – Use it to gauge your susceptibility to temptation

halt acronym

Use the HALT Acronym to see how easy a target you are for temptation


The other day at a church breakfast, one of the guys shared something he had learned by listening to a speaker at a recent conference.  It is very good and resonated with me so I thought I would share it with you.

There are times in everyone’s lives when we become weak and easily drawn in by temptation.  Using the H.A.L.T. acronym we can easily identify and counteract, making temptation a little harder to give into.

Hunger – When you are hungry, you turn into a predator looking for something to consume.  Think back to the times when you were so hungry that you stuffed your face with whatever was readily available with no regard to nutritional value or calories.  Whether you raided the fridge or pulled into the fast food drive through, consequences went out the window to satisfy your need.

Anger – Reactions to anger often include giving into temptation.  Indulging in drugs, alcohol, sex, and pornography to dull these feelings are very common.

Loneliness – When you get lonely watch out.  This is my greatest pull of temptation.  Instead of seeking company or finding a noble activity, we usually seek to make ourselves feel ‘better’ by indulging in illicit behavior.

Tired – If you work hard and are tired often, the pull of temptation is great.  It’s almost as if we ‘reward’ ourselves for the hard work by giving into temptation.  We justify our deservedness when our defenses are weak.

HALT acronym

Be careful if you are experiencing any of these symptoms because temptation will come knocking.  This reminds me of the scripture when Jesus went to the desert for 40 days of fasting and praying.  The devil came out to the desert to tempt him when he was hungry, lonely, and tired.  The devil took advantage of this time of weakness to put Jesus to the test.

The devil is no dummy.  He waited till Jesus got weary then came to offer him the world all in exchange for a little bit of sin.  Jesus was very hungry, tired and was all by himself praying to the Father in preparation for his ministry.  A weakened Jesus would be much easier to break than a Jesus who was physically and mentally sharp!

The devil turns up the heat on us during times of weakness too!  We need to counteract these times of weakness and go pray for the strength of the Lord!  Eat, seek reconciliation, connect with a friend and get some sleep to, but don’t forget to ask the Lord for help.  He was tested in every way that we are and is familiar with our human frailties.  He is our intermediary with the Father.  Is that not great?!

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Secure the Internet Access in Your Home; Protect your Kids from adult content

The internet access in your home is probably as typical as mine.  We have cable internet, and a wireless router.  There is one PC, a Nintendo Wii, two Apple iPods, and a laptop all sharing our internet here at home.

This article is not about protecting your internet from hackers, malware and other security breaches.  I want to show you how to protect your family from the internet predators of pornography and other adult content.

Please click on the above picture for a full-size view.

Access to the internet in this diagram comes 2 different ways:  Through hardwire from the router and via wireless from the router.

The computer is sitting next to the modem and router.  The modem brings in the internet signal from your cable provider and translates it into computer readable signals.  The modem then plugs into your router.  The router distributes the internet to the computer via a network plug.  This is a larger telephone looking plug from router to computer.  To protect the computer from adult content you have two options.

Use a DNS filtering service such as Open DNS.  A DNS filtering service will protect all devices on your internet connection whether wireless or hardwired.  Sounds good right?  There is a drawback to this, you will have to administer the whole network’s access as one user, meaning you cannot customize content based on age or users.  I did this in my house until I kept getting calls from my wife and daughter to unblock this site and that site. My wife’s allowable content is definitely different from what we allow my daughter to view.

The only other solution is to have filtering software and controls for each device and separate accounts for each user.  After much searching we went with Covenant Eyes Christian Internet Filter.  This filter installs on the PC, laptop and the iPods.  With a few different accounts – one for my wife and I and one for the kids, we can custom tailor internet content access! (use this covenant eyes coupon code to try it free for one month)

On the laptop and PC, the filter stands between all internet access and the browser.  You cannot access the internet aside from the filter.  That solved our problem with the PC and laptop, but we still have the iPods and Wii to protect.

On the iPod, you can install the covenant eyes web browser as you would any other application.  As long as you have a valid covenant eyes account to log in to.  However I still saw the Safari internet browser active!  All you do here is go to; Settings, General, Restrictions and slide the button for Safari to the off position.  Set your 4 digit password code and Safari will be disabled and the user can only use the covenant eyes browser.

Lastly, the Nintendo Wii has internet access capabilities (as well as other game consoles such as Xbox, PS3 and others).  You will need to either disable the wireless internet connectivity or password protect it with a 4 digit code.  This is the only way I was able to protect access on the Wii.

You could if you have the patience to figure out the right mix of DNS filtering along with device based software, you could have a very secure internet against adult content.

If you have any comments or suggestions of how to improve your internet connection filtering, please leave a comment below.

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My Free Book – How to Break Porn Addiction

Free Book on Porn Addiction


Hi All!!   I am very excited about this post.. because it is the announcement of my book that has been 2 years in the making:

How to Break the Bonds of Pornography Addiction and Live in True Freedom

Two plus years later, I am leaving perfection behind and getting this out there to help anyone who is struggling with Pornography addiction.

Inside my book you will find a practical guide on how to break free from pornography addiction.  In all my years of reading on this subject, I have found very good books and some not so good.  Most books leaned too heavily into the spiritual side of addiction while others had no spiritual side.

My aim in this book was to bring a balance of spiritual healing and aid along with practical tactics you can use in your daily life.  This guide will walk you through some personal processing and steps to get yourself ready for healing and breaking free from pornography.  There is also a large amount of resources that will point you in the right direction to get yourself some further help.

I am not a therapist, counselor or pastor, just a recovering addict trying to help others who want out of the pornography trap.  Please download my book for free.  Please read it, follow the directions and visit the resources.  You will soon be putting together your battle plan against pornography and walking in freedom.

Freedom is good.  We were never meant to be slaves to anything, especially sin.  Live Free today.

Download it Free right here : How-to-Break-the-Bonds-of-Pornography-addiction-and-Live-in-True-Freedom

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Porn Addiction Books

Porn Addiction Books that I recommend

I have been asked to give a recommended list of books on porn addiction.  Below you will find six books I suggest reading on the subject.

These books are for anyone who struggles with pornography or for those who know someone who struggles.  Clicking on the titles will take you to Amazon where you can read what others say and then purchase the book.

porn addiction books that i recommend

The Way of Purity: Enjoy Lasting Freedom in Christ (Setting Captives Free) by Mike Cleveland. Mike Cleveland is a fantastic speaker and author with regards to strongholds and addictions.  I had the privilege to hear him speak at my church last year.  Mike founded the website Setting Captives Free and this book goes along with the study on Pornography addiction.

Porn Nation Student Edition: The Naked Truth by Michael Leahy.
This book is the true story of how the author lost his marriage and family to pornography addiction.  The truth is laid bare in this book which holds no punches and shows you how pornography destroys a life.  A MUST read

The Drug of the New Millennium – The Brain Science Behind Internet Pornography by Mark B. Kastleman. This amazing book shows you scientific proof how pornography alters the brain and directly impacts our attitudes and behaviors.  Did you also know that the chemicals  released while watching pornography is the same as those for a person doing drugs?  Get this book.

Pure Desire: Helping People Break Free from Sexual Struggles by Ted Roberts. I read this book right after I realized that I had a problem with pornography.  Ted had me nodding my head in agreement so much that I thought I was getting whiplash!  This book is so down to earth yet it deals directly with the problem and how you must change.

An Affair of the Mind by Laurie Hall. Focus on the Family recommended this book to my wife right after she learned of my problem.  I even read the book and agree it is a MUST read for any wife whose husband has a problem with pornography.  It helps the woman of the addict understand why her husband is addicted and how she can help him.

I Surrender All: Rebuilding a Marriage Broken by Pornography by Clay Crosse. Clay is a contemporary Christian musician who inexplicably lost his voice.  He was not sick, but after some probing by a voice coach he confessed his addiction to pornography.  This book documents his story and rebuilding of his marriage.  Good book.

I was shocked while looking these up on Amazon.  If you type in the keywords: Pornography addiction, you get 87 different books on the topic!

Do you have any books on porn addiction that you recommend?  Leave your comments below.

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Mike Cleveland speaks on overcoming pornography addiction

Matthew 5:30  And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.

Matthew 18:8  If your hand or your foot causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life maimed or crippled than to have two hands or two feet and be thrown into eternal fire.

Sin is tough to get rid of.  It is like cancer, if you don’t clean it all out it will spread.  Pornography addiction is tough to kick.  The best thing we can do is to amputate our source of sin.  I don’t mean mutilating yourself.  I mean you need to cancel your cable or internet, throw out your X rated movies and magazines and avoid those places you know will temp you back into pornography.

Pastor Mike Cleveland gave a great sermon entitled “Radical Freedom”.   Mike is the founder of setting captives free – a website that has free bible studes for all sorts of addictions.  You can watch the video of his sermon by clicking here and pushing the Video button on the page:  Pastor Mike Cleveland – “Radical Freedom”

Sermon notes from Radical Freedom

Sermon notes from Radical Freedom

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