Get my Free Ebook to help break porn addiction

Hi All!!   I am very excited about this post.. because it is the announcement of my book that has been 2 years in the making:

How to Break the Bonds of Pornography Addiction and Live in True Freedom

Two plus years later, I am leaving perfection behind and getting this out there to help anyone who is struggling with Pornography addiction.


Inside my book you will find a practical guide on how to break free from pornography addiction.  In all my years of reading on this subject, I have found very good books and some not so good.  Most books leaned too heavily into the spiritual side of addiction while others had no spiritual side.

My aim in this book was to bring a balance of spiritual healing and aid along with practical tactics you can use in your daily life.  This guide will walk you through some personal processing and steps to get yourself ready for healing and breaking free from pornography.  There is also a large amount of resources that will point you in the right direction to get yourself some further help.

I am not a therapist, counselor or pastor, just a recovering addict trying to help others who want out of the pornography trap.  Please download my book for free.  Please read it, follow the directions and visit the resources.  You will soon be putting together your battle plan against pornography and walking in freedom.

Freedom is good.  We were never meant to be slaves to anything, especially sin.  Live Free today.

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7 thoughts on “Get my Free Ebook to help break porn addiction


I lost my wife to porn


Needing recovery after 20 years

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  • Carl Wall

    Still struggling to overcome, any tips?



    Thanks for doing what you do. I appreciate your efforts of simply posting information on the Internet, let alone the daily efforts you are making to help members of the SA community. I was looking over your resources section of your website, and wanted to suggest a few others resources for you to consider.,,,, and The more we can do to get individuals pointed in the direction of recovery the better off we will all be.

      R Pike

      Get in contact with me via my contact page. We can share resourses.

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