Accountability partner via Text: How to maintain accountability via cell phone

Accountability conducted by texting your partner

Stay in touch with your accountability partner

Stay Accountable by texting your partner daily – How to make accountability work with a cell phone.

If you feel an accountability relationship hard to maintain, consider using texting to make it easier.

Most all of us carry our cell phones around with us everywhere we go.   Funny how we feel ‘naked’ without our phones!

Picking up the phone and calling sometimes seems intrusive and makes us feel like we are bothering someone, but texting (like email) seems less intrusive.  We don’t seem to hesitate to send nonsense and links via email or text, so why not something as important as staying accountable?

How does accountability work via text?

  • Check in with your partner at least once daily
  • Ask them to pray for specific items such as stressful or heavy temptations that may be ahead in your day
  • When you are under heavy temptation, text them immediately – they can send up prayers immediately on your behalf
  • If you fail text them and confess.  A phone call should follow after they get your message
  • Celebrate victories during your day letting them know you came through
  • Offer encouragement by sharing quotes or verses that have spoken to you
  • At the end of the day tell them how you did and rate your day

Staying in contact with your partner daily instead of every few days or weekly will greatly help both of your walks.

These are just a few examples of how to have an accountability relationship via text.  Try this out with your partner and let me know how it is working for you.