Help to quit pornography

Help to quit pornography 

Are you seeking help to break the pornography habit?  Do you feel helpless trying to stop?  Are you tired of the guilt you feel after you view porn?

pornography addiction abattleplan.comYou are not alone.

There are no easy figures to quote regarding addiction to pornography, since many people view porn as acceptable.  Statistics gathered within the church indicate that over 50% of men and 20% of women considered themselves addicted to pornography.

At a local Promise Keepers conference, men were asked to text what their biggest area of struggle was.  Over 80% of these men said that internet porn was where they had the most problems.
There are over 260 million pages of pornography on the internet and it grows by 1,000 pages daily.  It is estimated that 25% of internet traffic is porn related.  The availability of it along with the anonymity the internet allows means that porn use has gone through the roof compared with the days of having to drive to a seedy store to purchase it.
Pornography is so tough to break out of.  It appeals to us on both physical and emotional levels.  The sexual gratification is obvious, but there also is a chemical reaction in the brain that gives you a high similar to cocaine.  This is the same euphoric feeling drug addicts know.  The feelings associated with porn are those of feeling wanted and validated.  Breaking these physical and emotional stimulants is very tough.
The purpose of this site is to shed light on how destructive pornography is and to offer encouragement and help to those who wish to quit using pornography.

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