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Pornography Addiction Help

Pornography Addiction Help

Get help for those addicted to porn

pornography addiction abattleplan.com

Our stance on pornography is this; We hate it for what it does to families, relationships, and it’s victims  – both users and those used in making it.

Pornography addiction is one of the few addictions that can destroy you internally, but on the outside appear to be quite normal.  The man next to you at church on Sunday, or the woman in the grocery store line look to be a normal Joe or Jane showing no signs of the raging battle that is going on inside of them.  That battle is the fight for control of their mind, their heart and even their soul!

This battle tears apart their mind trying to occupy it’s every thought and trying to make it captive to sexual scenarios and lustful thoughts.  Inside their heart the battle for their loyalty and allegiance to their God or wife and family is challenged as they continue to give themselves over to images on the screen.  The soul is being polluted by the poison they introduce into it and they slip further away from the grace that redeems them and into the darkness.

A Battle Plan was founded in 2009 as part of my own way to try and keep myself away from the pull of pornography addiction and to help others with what I have learned.  I hope that the information shared here on this site will help you or your loved ones to break the addiction to porn and live life in the light.

It is definitely a fight to get away from the pull of pornography, because it is relentless and will not go away silently or without a battle.  To win you must develop a battle plan to outsmart it, out maneuver it, and conquer it.  The fighters in the battle must be committed and have the support of fellow warriors to take a run at porn addiction and be victorious.

Like most battles, the persistent win, but only after a few failures and setbacks.  Never Never Never give up!  Keep fighting the fight.  Do it for your wife, your husband, your family, yourself, and most of all for your God.