A Dirty House – Keep Your Home Clean from Worldliness


We have had record amounts of rainfall for this time of year recently.  When you combine this with warm weather and children, you get a dirty house.  The floors were muddy, the carpets had dirt and grass in them and the patio door was barely clear.  Tracking dirt into the house is normal all year round, but more apparent at this time of year.

We all leave the house and trudge through the outside world and bring dirt into the house.  The dirt clings to us and we have to take cautions if we don’t want it inside.  We can easily accomplish this if we wipe our shoes off and don’t wear them into the house.  What about the other dirt we can bring into the house?

The other dirt from the outside world is not of the organic type.  I am talking about the dirt of immortality, impurity, lust, and greed.  These things come into the house through various other sources.  We can unknowingly allow this dirt to enter our house through the radio, television, magazines and internet.  Our kids can bring it home from school or it can enter our homes from visitors.

While we can diligently fight the battle against organic dirt by using a vacuum or broom, but how can we fight against worldly dirt?  There are two ways to battle this, offensively and defensively.

To fight against worldliness offensively means to pour good values into your family.  Set standards for your family and teach your children right from wrong.  Teach children and actively practice yourself values such as modesty, generosity, thankfulness, being content, purity, and honesty.  Many of these values are found in the Bible and through a good Christian upbringing.  If you all are actively learning and practicing these values then it is easier not to get led astray by worldliness.

A good defense against worldliness is to protect your mind and heart from bad influences.  These influences are mentioned above and come mostly in the form of media.  The types of media we consume have a great effect on changing our morality and values.  The constant propaganda of the media can over time get us to buy into the world view.  Churches that once considered homosexuality an abomination are now ordaining homosexual ministers.  They were swayed by the changing morality of the world.

Defensive measures are monitoring the media you and your family read, watch and listen to.  You have to actively measure what you are consuming against your values to see if they fit.  If they don’t pass the test then get rid of them.  Rome didn’t crumble in a day; it took years to topple the empire.  Small compromises will also topple your family’s values and the end result is destruction.

Most everyone enjoys a clean house free from dirt and odor, but the dirt of worldliness is less noticeable and requires both offensive and defensive measures to keep your family safe.  Just like neglecting a little dirt here and there can lead to a filthy house, small compromises let the worldliness get a foothold that will eventually take over your household.  Stay clean.  Stay vigilant

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