The Triple X Domain – What will it do for Families and addicts

.xxx TLD

Talks have long been going on over the establishment of a top level domain xxx.  Pornography sites would be encouraged to use these TLDs to publish their content.  It would make it easier for families to filter out pornographic websites, or so they think.

The new top level domain .xxx was just recently approved and will be offered for sale soon.  Anyone wishing to purchase their to mirror their will be able to order.

Will this new red light district on the internet help to regulate pornographic material?  Does this ‘legitimize’ pornography by giving it its own section of the internet?  Will it help families keep pornographic materials away from their children?

I want to bring up the issue of legitimization of the pornographic industry.  They have been allowed to take over the normal .com world by putting up over 12% of content on the internet.  They were here at the advent of the internet to the point where some people think the porn industry created the internet.  Truth is that the internet is like the wild west and almost anything goes on it.  Does it legitimize them?  Maybe, but I think that giving them a .xxx is only the first step to regulating the industry on the internet.

Pornography industry leaders are not willing to be decent citizens and move their filthy material from their .coms over to the .xxxs, nor will they be required to do so.  These websites are fully entrenched with years of history, programming and search engine indexing behind them.  They have much invested and much to lose by ditching their dot coms.

The truth is that they like the easy access that dot coms have given them.  Type a wrongly spelled word into the search or just about any topic and your results will yield pornography.  Pornographers love the fact that they are easily found and can entrap anyone who takes the bait and enters into their dark world.  This would all change if they were forced to take their smut to the triple x domains.

Search engines would be able to more easily restrict triple x domains from search results and internet searchers would know that any results that carry a .xxx are off limits.  This would be good news for families and anyone wanting to maintain their purity online.

In my opinion the establishment of a triple x domain is a good first step, but it will be useless until pornographers are forced to migrate over to the new TLD.  Currently as it stands, the triple x domains will just be extra web addresses that forward people to their established dot com sites.  The internet will be just as perverse as it is today until the pornographic dot coms are shut down and moved.

Is anyone with me and ready to start a campaign forcing pornographers over to the triple x domains?  Leave your comments below.  Let’s organize and get started.  Who is with me??

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