How to Deal with the Porn Addict in your Life

the porn addiction he won't talk about

His Porn Addiction & your Pain He is addicted to porn & won’t talk to her about it! Today’s post comes from a real person who reached out for help.  I will be publishing more or these in the future and you will remain anonymous as did ‘Susan’.   I am dealing with a porn […]


Masturbation Addiction – Stop Today

Masturbation Addiction - How to stop

Masturbation Addiction – Stop Today Helpful tips for you to kick your masturbation addiction   Growing up as a young boy, I realized one day that it was pleasurable to play with myself.  Every young boy does it, but what happens when you get into a vicious cycle and find that you can’t stop? The […]


Why do Men Watch Porn? – Four reasons your husband looks at pornography

why do men watch porn

Why do Men Watch Porn? – Here are four reason you may not have thought of outside the obvious He is seeking escape – Life is tough and there are many responsibilities between work and family.  Sometimes a man wants to get away from this world and enter fantasy land.  This escape takes his mind […]


Cleveland Kidnapper; Sex & Porn Addict

the house of sex addict ariel castro

Was Ariel Castro, the Cleveland kidnapper of three women, a sex and pornography addict? A guy just doesn’t go out and do this on a whim, he works his way up to doing something as drastic as this…


Porn on the iPod – Check their device, protect their purity | Block iPod Porn

block porn on the ipod is a concern

I went into Safari and found about 9 open windows – not unusual. I also browsed his internet history. I was a bit shocked. It seems that he did a search today on ‘girls in bikinis’ and another on ‘naked girl pictures’….


Is Porn Cheating?

Is Porn Cheating?

Does the classification of actual cheating depend solely on the way the offended spouse’s feelings and reactions? Whenever we think of cheating we generally consider the act to be mainly physical. When someone says that he cheated on her, they usually mean he had sex with another woman.


Christian Porn addicts

Christian porn addict

Christian Porn Addicts Both Men & Women admit their struggles I like to share some good vidoes when I come across them.  This one depicts Christian porn addicts.  Christians can just as easily get wrapped up in porn addiction like any other person.  Christians are not perfect!    If you are a Christian and are addicted […]


Sanctity of Life and pornography – Does porn respect life?

Life is Precious

This is Sanctity of Life weekend in the United States.  What that means is that we regard life as a sacred gift from God and it is precious.  God is the creator of life and humans were created in His image.  This means we are made in His likeness and we have a high value. […]


8 year old receives Playboy Magazine offer in the mail

playboy magazine offer to 8 year old boy

In a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio a third grader receives a Playboy Magazine offer in the mail!  Should you ever doubt the predatory nature of pornographers, here is case in point.  The young boy is actually my son.  Thankfully, my wife retrieved the mail with the enclosed offer!  Usually my son gets the mail for […]


Pornography is a Drug

pornography is a drug

 Pornography is a Drug This video, produced by fight the new drug sums up how pornography acts on our bodies the same way that drugs do.   Give it a watch and understand why we need to fight against pornography and keep it out our homes, out of our computers and off our television.  If you […]


What to do – getting caught masturbating with pornography

getting caught masturbating

The ultimate in embarrassment – getting caught masturbating with pornography   You are flirting with disaster if you are engaged in pornography.  Pornography has many side effects to those who use it and those related to the user.  Sooner or later you will get caught! Even if you clear your internet browsing history or you […]