How to confirm your husband watching Porn on the net

husband watching porn

Is Your Husband Watching Porn on the net?

Sorry guys, but I am going to give up some tactics for your wives to use to track your internet usage.  If you have been viewing pornography, then stop and you will have nothing to worry about.  Otherwise, continue at your own risk and worry that she might read this site and discover your secrets.

Ladies, you don’t have to be super tech savvy to deploy some of these tactics to discover your husband’s use of pornography on the internet.  You will have to know your way around the computer a bit.  First off, you need access the computer you think he is using to do this.  If he has his own laptop or desktop you will need about 45 minutes to an hour to check out the computer.  I won’t get into privacy issues here, so you need to decide that on your own.

husband watching porn

There is more than one way to catch your husband watching porn


Once you have his computer go straight to the cookies, forget the internet history.  Chances are his browser automatically deletes that when shut down, but cookies are deleted manually.  Check the cookies out for obvious websites and access dates.  If you find nothing here now you will have to try one of these two solutions that will cost you a few bucks, but get you the answers you need.

The first solution uses a program to scan all the image files on the computer hard drive.  You will see all the images that the internet browser has loaded up even if he has deleted them.  This program takes some time to do its job, but you should know if any pornographic images have been loaded up on that computer.  It comes preloaded on a USB stick drive. You should get a hold of his computer and insert the USB drive in and run the program.  The program is called Discover it.  Also, I have heard success with the device: KJB Security PC401 Spy Cobra PC Monitoring Software Deluxe.  This program is no longer available.  The best thing you can do is to open windows or file explorer and do an open search for all image files.  You will have to wade through many images, most of which will be nothing to look at, but you may be able to find an pornographic images that were loaded through an internet browser.

The next solution would be to install a program on his computer or smart phone, that will run undetected in the background.  This program is not an internet filter, but will monitor the internet sites he visits.  You can set the program up to either email or text you when he visits a pornographic site.  You will get the notice within a minute of the visit and you will then know what site was visited.  This program is called Savii accountability and I have found it to be very accurate with timely notification.  I have edited this post because Savii is no longer available.  I do however recommend using a software called Covenant Eyes.  Covenant Eyes can be installed on any computer and smart phone (iPhone or Android).  What it does is monitor the internet sites that are visited and ranks them based on a rating system created by Covenant eyes.  You will automatically receive an email report weekly or you can run a report on demand on the covenant eyes website.  If he does any internet searches for porn or visits a porn site, covenant eyes will log those and preserve them for your review, even if he is good at managing his internet tracks.  Read more on the covenant eyes website:  Covenant Eyes .  Now, he will eventually have to know that you want to install thet se programs unless you are extremely sneaky.  One point I want to make is that if he has anything that runs ios (iphone, ipad, ipod) you will only be able to capture internet browsing if he uses the Covenant Eyes browser.  Apple locks down all browsers and apps from third party software, so the Covenant Eyes program cannot view any internet traffic from apps other than the CE browser on IOS devices.  Android works differently and you can see all the browsers and apps that Covenant Eyes can monitor the traffic from here: Covenant Eyes for Android

I am sure there are many other ways to discover pornography usage on a particular computer, but I will recommend only these methods because I have tried them out myself and can vouch for their effectiveness.


Has your life been impacted by Porn?  If you are the wife of a porn user, I need to hear from you.  I am compiling stories for a book and I want to hear your story.   Help others through your story!  Please get in contact with me here:  Contact me now  Free copies/benefits available to those who contribute.


Another point I want to make to those who decide to go through this process is to have a plan before you start.  Get your resources lined up ahead of time before you go through his computer and install anything.  Decide what you are going to do with the data once you get it.  If you don’t have a plan and follow through with your findings, then don’t attempt it.

porn and your husband

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Here are some questions to ask yourself before you get going.  How will you get access to his computer without drawing attention?  What will you say to him regarding the way you found out about his usage?  Will you reveal how you found out?  Can you bring up the subject matter without accusations & highly charged emotions?  Are you willing to work through this with him and walk with him instead of telling him to fix himself with an ultimatum?

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I wish you the best of luck while doing your recon work.



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Why Pornography is so addictive – your brain on porn

your brain on porn

Your Brain on Porn – Why porn is so addictive

First in a series of understanding porn addiction and putting together your battle plan to get free.

Remember your first exposure to pornography? I do. I remember the rush that overcame my body. I knew it was ‘dirty’ and wrong, but I was very excited and felt my heart beat faster and a high like I had never known before. Right in front of me was a magazine that had a nude woman in it. It was the glimpse that every pre-teen boy daydreamed about.

That first impression for you probably made you feel the same way – a rush of adrenaline that sped your heart up. It doesn’t matter how old you were at that first peek. Even now, years latter you still feel that rush when you expose yourself to porn.

your brain on porn

Little did you and I know that at the first exposure we were opening ourselves up to a world that would suck us in and toy with our minds and bodies. That exhilaration we felt and still feel when we take a look at porn is caused by a chemical reaction in the brain. That chemical reaction released endorphins and other potent chemicals that are the same as when a drug addict takes a hit. We have become addicted to that high feeling we get when we take a hit of porn! This chemical reaction not only gets us high, but also is strong enough to imprint the images we are viewing into our minds!

You now know why porn is highly addictive and why we cannot escape the images of sex in our heads! I bet you can recall some scenes from the first porn movie you watched or the pictures out of that magazine you saw years ago.

Pornography is highly addictive because of the addictive chemical properties. We love to feel good don’t we? Alcohol, drugs, porn, or any other addictive substance all alter our state of mind and give us feelings of pleasure and let us escape from our daily grind. Let’s face it, life is tough and many of us use different ways to unplug and get away. Porn makes us feel high and when you combine it with masturbation; you get a double feel good experience!

Those images that get imprinted into your mind also further the addiction. Sex on the brain is the running joke brought against men anyhow. When you imprint sex scenes into your memory banks, they will pop up when you want to recall them and even when you don’t. When you don’t want to recall them they will clamor to get in to your conscience thinking and try to control you. Ever see a pretty girl with a nice body and then BAM, your mind takes you back to the porn scene you watched previously? Now, when you get this scene flashed in front of you, the chemical reaction starts to rev you up and you need an outlet for this energy. You will then turn to porn and masturbation to relieve it. This cycle continues and before you know it, you are spending hours a day feeding your porn habit.

The cycle of porn continues in your life until you decide to do something about it. You know how the cycle goes. A trigger goes off in your head and causes you to get a craving, you try to deny the craving but it won’t go away. Now you figure the only way to get rid of this craving is to give in to it, so you go and use porn. Afterwards you feel so ashamed and guilty. You say to yourself; ‘Why did I go and do that again? I won’t do it again. From here on out, no more porn!’ It isn’t long till one of your triggers knocks at the door. You try to ignore it. It won’t go away. So you give in again.

Next time we will talk about why it is so hard to break free from a porn habit.

If you can identify with any of the above, then you will need stay tuned as we dig deeper into porn addiction and how you can get yourself free from it. Subscribe via RSS, add you your Yahoo page, and bookmark this site.

Addicted to Porn – Signs of Porn Addiction

Addicted to porn

Addicted to Porn?  Here are a few signs you may have a problem with pornography

Many people want to know –  “How do I tell if  I am addicted to pornography?”   I have compiled a few points for you to consider when you are assessing whether you or someone you love has an addiction to porn.  Some of the answers can only be done personally, but you will be able to place the other person’s behavior into these questions if assessing someone you love.

Addicted to porn

  • You become ‘obsessed’ with it – you are constantly seeking another time to view porn- you plan your days around it.   Has porn use become your number 1 or 2 need in your life?  Do you find yourself looking forward to another session in front of the computer or TV screen?  A porn addict will plan their days and free time around getting alone with pornography.  Anticipation throughout the day will get them through their daily routine.


  • Your mind frequently plays back the scenes you watched. Your mind is pre-occupied with sex.  Sex fills most of your thought life.  Do you find yourself daydreaming about sex?  Do you find yourself sexualizing most every situation and turning it into a porn film fantasy?  Do you look every woman up and down to consider what it would be like to have sex with her?


  • You cannot control the urges that come.  These urges order you to go get your fix.  It is the greatest need in your life.  Do you get yourself all worked up that you need to go use porn to get your fix?  Do you have urges to use porn that haunt you all day long?


  • Logic & safety goes out the window in pursuit of it.  You will take risks to satisfy your need for it.  Do you satisfy your desire for porn with risky behaviors – visiting adult book stores, view porn at work, view porn in public, go to strip clubs?  Has the pursuit of you next fix led you to seek more risque forms of porn?  Has ‘normal porn’ become boring to you?  Are you into lesbian, fetishes, beastiality, teen, or illegal porn (child porn)?  Are you interested or have you had an affair and considered hooking up with strangers for sex?

This list is not all inclusive, but will lead you in the right direction to consider your level of involvement in pornography.  Just because you can’t identify with all these behaviors doesn’t mean you aren’t addicted.

Some people are more introverted in their addictions and keep it to themselves and think they are in control.  They will not act out as far as risking careers, family, or jail in pursuit of their porn high.

Other people will drift into the extroverted and out of control behaviors.  They are the ones who get into the most perverse forms of porn and will even get involved in affairs and sex with prostitutes.