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Covenant Eyes Android – Accountability has come to Android devices!

I have been a long time covenant eyes customer and have it installed on my home computers.  I am pleased with the way it works to with the filter and accountability.  In order to get the app for the android, you have to be a current PC installed customer. The app is free if you are an existing customer.

Covenant eyes has had their android accountability software out for a while and I have purposely waited to test it.  In all applications there is a period to work out the bugs and I didn’t want to download it until they were fixed.  Based on the reviews, it seemed to be working fine.

The download can be done straight from the Google Play application or from your PC when logged into Google Play.  Once installed you sign into the app using your established credentials.  When the application is running the only noticeable sign that it is doing anything is the ever present covenant eyes ‘all seeing eye’ in the upper left notifications area.

During my testing period I did not notice any slowness in phone response or any battery drain as some folks claimed to experience.  My phone was just as fast and battery life was just the same.  I am not a big user of my phone for surfing the web and apps as some people are, just in case it makes a difference.

A proper understanding of what this software does is the first step in any good test.  This software does not block any websites from being accessed; only records what sites are visited and ranks them according to the covenant eyes rating system.  Knowing this, I went to Google and performed a few searches using inappropriate terms.  Next, I opened up the apps that were on my phone and used them.  I also logged out of the application and then logged back in.

Next I logged into my covenant eyes dashboard to run a report.  I first ran the detailed report and was quick to pick out which searches and sites were visited on my android.  I think the only reason I quickly picked out these was because it was right there on the first page, plus there I knew what I was looking for.  An accountability partner may not have such an easy job using this report.  Covenant eyes detailed log

My next step was to run the accountability report.  Right away under the search terms section I noticed those that I had just put through the search engine.  These terms are grouped in with all the other terms that have been searched on for that time period, so there is no way to distinguish who did the searches or from what device (PC or computer) they came from.  I then paged down the report past the blocked sites section since this app does not block sites and came to the high ratings per site.  The high ratings section showed a site I quickly hit on my android.  The last section on the report is the android apps section.  This shows what app was used on your phone, the possible rating of the app and how much time spent on the app.  It logged how much time I spent texting, looking at mail, and reading the bible.

Covenant eyes accountability report

Here is my opinion of the covenant eyes accountability app for Android.  The application does what it should and records the sites, searches and apps used on your android device.  All the history is available in the accountability report for your partner to review.  This will work well if you have a covenant eyes account dedicated only to the person needing accountability for devices they solely use.  There is no way to tell from what device the log entries are coming from.  Covenant eyes needs to somehow get the info to log the device name and user account to go along with the site for the log.

My only reservation about this app is that it allows the user to log in and log out at will.  A user could log out of the app to surf at will then log back in later to register usage on the accountability report.  What should be done if they can’t implement the uninstall password would be to record every log out and log in time on the accountability report.  This would provide better assurance that the app was active and being used.

If you are searching for an accountability app for your android device this will do the job, but I don’t like the logging in and out without recording it.  Once this is fixed I can wholeheartedly endorse this app.



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