Human trafficking and pornography – fueled by demand for Pornography

Human Trafficking and Pornography

Human Trafficking and Pornography – How pornography fuels the demand for human sex slaves


My brother showed me this video today.  It is a sad story about a 13 year old named Constance.  She was sold to a pornographer for $6.  He films her and makes sells the videos to guys who consume porn.  If there was no money to be made he wouldn’t do it.  We sit back behind out computer and enjoy these images, but the truth is this girl was not 18 as the website claimed and she was forced into performing.  Not necessarily the lie we believe that she is an 18 year old nymphomaniac.  Watching pornography creates demand.  We are a part of the crime and victimization.


Human trafficking for Pornography or Sex – Is happening here in the United States!



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