Supernatural lifeguard whistles and who is watching

The supernatural lifegaurd of the Holy Spirit
lifeguard whistles

Who is watching You?

Where is a lifeguard when you need one?  Lifeguard whistles

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My family and I just came back from one of those indoor water park resorts.  We had a great time together and did plenty of swimming.

These types of places are filled with people, pools and lifeguards.
There are lifeguards everywhere you turn whether you go on a water slide or wade in the wave pool.  They do an excellent job of whistling people away from unacceptable behavior and unknown dangers.  Their job is to make sure you are safe and don’t do anything stupid to hurt yourself.

One thing I noticed with my kids is that they would look to the lifeguard every time the whistle blew.  A few times it was for them, like when they were doing handstands on the bottom of the pool.  Most of the time it was for someone else that was getting to close to the edge or to close to the buoys where the wave machine works.

The lifeguards were watching everyone swim and would not let you get away with breaking a pool rule.  My kids would do something and then look up to the lifeguard to see whether it was ok to do it.  Once they found out that handstands were not allowed they didn’t try to do them again.  They love handstands, but the lifeguards were always watching and they did not want to get busted.

When we are tempted to look at pornography, where is the lifeguard ready to blow the whistle on us?  Believe it or not, there are lifeguards to keep us from sinning.  One of them is called our conscience.  Right before you click on that button to look at pornography, your conscience tells you to stop.

Another very similar lifeguard is the Holy Spirit which will do the same thing and urge you to run.  Hopefully you can still hear your conscience or the Holy Spirit as they blow the whistle and tell you to stop.  If you cannot hear them anymore, you have crushed these warnings long enough that you can’t hear them!  You are ignoring them and need to slow yourself down to recognize them again.  Remember that the eyes of The Lord are everywhere and while you think no one else can see you, He can!

Other lifeguards are the ones that we set up for ourselves.  Internet filtering programs such as Covenant Eyes or X3 watch will serve as a lifeguard when you get tempted.  There is also a program that will text your accountability partner when you start hitting websites that suggest you are ready to fail.

Some other practical lifeguards are locking out certain cable channels, keeping your computer in a public place, not allowing or getting yourself out of perfect storm situations, and calling your accountability partner to share your temptations with them.

Don’t allow yourself to even come close to drowning in pornography.  You must heed the natural and supernatural lifeguards in your life.  Don’t forget to set up some other practical lifeguards in your life as well.  When you do these, it will be much harder to harm yourself and fall prey to the satan and his schemes.

Accountability partner via Text: How to maintain accountability via cell phone

Accountability conducted by texting your partner

Stay in touch with your accountability partner

Stay Accountable by texting your partner daily – How to make accountability work with a cell phone.

If you feel an accountability relationship hard to maintain, consider using texting to make it easier.

Most all of us carry our cell phones around with us everywhere we go.   Funny how we feel ‘naked’ without our phones!

Picking up the phone and calling sometimes seems intrusive and makes us feel like we are bothering someone, but texting (like email) seems less intrusive.  We don’t seem to hesitate to send nonsense and links via email or text, so why not something as important as staying accountable?

How does accountability work via text?

  • Check in with your partner at least once daily
  • Ask them to pray for specific items such as stressful or heavy temptations that may be ahead in your day
  • When you are under heavy temptation, text them immediately – they can send up prayers immediately on your behalf
  • If you fail text them and confess.  A phone call should follow after they get your message
  • Celebrate victories during your day letting them know you came through
  • Offer encouragement by sharing quotes or verses that have spoken to you
  • At the end of the day tell them how you did and rate your day

Staying in contact with your partner daily instead of every few days or weekly will greatly help both of your walks.

These are just a few examples of how to have an accountability relationship via text.  Try this out with your partner and let me know how it is working for you.

Accountability Partner for Porn addicts

porn addicts need accountability

Accountability is a word that is thrown around much inside Christian circles.  Accountability means we have given someone the right to see if we are behaving properly and carrying out what we said we would do.  Just like at work when the boss gives you an assignment and then checks up with you frequently to make sure you are moving forward.

We all realize that we are accountable to God, but how often has that thought entered your mind while surfing porn sites?  Probably not much.   How different would you act if you had someone ask you every few days?  Do you think that would help deter you?

We should each have a very close friend who can ask you things such as “Have you been in The Word?”, “How is your prayer life going?”, “Did you ask for forgiveness from your wife like you said you would?”  “Have you looked at porn in the last few days?”  Someone needs to be able to ask you tough questions to help keep you on the narrow path.

Here are a few tips on what to look for in an accountability partner and how to conduct an accountability relationship.

– The person you choose for accountability should know you (or get to know you) deeply.  No superficial weather talk relationship.  They need to know you personally and all about your background, family, struggles, etc.

– Your accountability parter should be allowed to ask you any question.  Nothing is off limits!   You should not be offended by anything they ask.  As the asking partner – be sure you are asking questions in love and not in a way that intimidates or Lord over your partner.

– Your accountability partner should look you in the eye and ask: “Have you looked at pornography since our last meeting?”  A good accountability partner needs to be direct and to the point.  A good follow up question is “How has your thought life been?”  Ask these questions at every meeting!

– An accountability partner should be firm but full of grace.  What I mean is that your partner should not tolerate the sin of porn (there are no little peaks allowed), but your partner should show grace by praying with you and analyzing what went wrong without “beating you up” about your failure.

– An accountability partner should have your cell number and you his.  You should call your partner when you feel the temptation to indulge in porn.  Just like a sponsor for AA, your partner should make himself available anytime for prayer, an encouraging word and a meeting.

Your accountability partner is one of your most powerfull tools in your aresenal to defeat porn addiction.  Don’t overlook this point and think you can do it on your own.  There is power when two or more believers get together.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 “One person could be overpowered, but two people can stand up for themselves. A rope made of three cords is hard to break.”